Sometimes I think you just have to “get it off your chest”, and hope that your words don’t fall on deaf ears. In the category “Al’s Point of View”, I have expressed my thoughts on topics such as the spread of whirling disease and the misplaced blame on the role of felt soles, the detrimental effects of stocking, and so on. If my comments start conversations, they will have served their purpose!

global warming

Global Warming, a Call to Trout Anglers

I was prompted to write this blog after reading an editorial, written by 13 year old Kian Tanner, already an ...
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native trout restoration

Native Trout Restoration

I am a life member of Trout Unlimited, and believe in the balance of nature that biodiversity provides. But native ...
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next generation of fly fishers

Passing the Torch to the Next Generation of Fly Fishers

This New Year is different for me; I am a new grandparent! This constellation of events has caused me to ...
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tightline nymphing

Euro Nymphing- an Old American Fly Fishing Technique

In the past few years, Euro nymphing, or tight-line nymphing, has become all the rage. It has been hailed as a ...
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conservation controversy over exotics

Fly Fishing Etiquette- Some Real Scenarios

I recognize that to venture into the topic of fly fishing etiquette may be Quixotic. But with the ever increasing ...
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matching the hatch and other fishing tales

Matching the Hatch and Other Fly Fishing Short Stories

I want to start the new year off with a bit of a  twist. Instead of writing an advice column, I'm ...
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Kamchatka rainbow

Professional’s Corner- Interviews with Fly Fishing Guides

I met Justin Witt in Kamchatka, Russia, last year, where he was the head fly fishing guide for a wilderness ...
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fly fishing guides

Professional’s Corner- Interviews with Fly Fishing guides

With this article, I would like to introduce a new type of article, interviews with professional fly fishing guides. I ...
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stocked stream

Trout Stocking- Helpful or Harmful

I have been reluctant to write a blog about trout stocking, because it is a very emotional issue for me ...
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conservation controversy over exotics

Conservation Controversy over Exotics

Felts vs Rubber, revisited In March, I discussed the problem of exotics, with a focus on the conservation controversy over ...
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Conservation Controversy- Felts vs. Rubber

Zebra mussels, lake trout, didymo, northern snakehead, and myxobolus cerebralis- what do these have in common? They are all referred ...
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