I have had the good fortune to fly fish most of the good trout streams in America, as well as many about the world. In the articles categorized in “Fly Fishing Destinations”, I have endeavored to describe the streams and fishing experiences to be had in some of the areas that I have visited. Where appropriate, I have provided links to helpful sites to assist with trip planning. These articles are richly illustrated with photos.

trout stream, Wigwam River, Ca.

Wigwam River, British Columbia, Canada

Fly Fishing Southeast Idaho

This summer, fishing buddy Reid and I planned a camping trip to include south central and southeast Idaho. But temperatures ...
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Fly Fishing Idaho

Fly Fishing Northeast Idaho

Last winter, fishing buddy Reid presented me with a challenge. The past few summers we fished in southwest Montana. Looking ...
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spring fly fishing

Spring Fly Fishing in the Blueridge Mountains- a Photo Essay

Spring is the season of hope, at least for fly fishers. We have become weary of winter, of fishing impossible-to-see ...
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fly fishing fall

Fly Fishing Fall- a Photo Essay

Fall is a special season for all, especially for fly fishers. The multi-colored riparian foliage is like a brilliant tapestry, ...
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fly fishing Ennis, Montana

Fly Fishing Destinations – Ennis, Montana

Fly Fishing Destinations - Ennis, Montana Montana and fly fishing are almost synonymous. Ever since Norman MacLean's novella, "A River Runs ...
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fly fishing Patagonia

Destinations – Fly Fishing Patagonia

The winter doldrums finally got to me! I can only read about fly fishing and tie flies for so long, ...
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fly fishing British Columbia

Destinations – Fly Fishing British Columbia

British Columbia is a storied fly fisher's paradise first brought to the attention of the fly fishing world by the ...
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fly fishing Kamchatka

Destinations – Fly Fishing Kamchatka, Russia

The idea of going to Kamchatka to fly fish was first thrust into my conscience a number of years ago by ...
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