fly-fishing heresies

Book Review

I recently found another book written by one of my favorite fly- fishing authors, Leonard M. Wright, Jr. Its title is “Fly-Fishing Heresies“.

Wright is the heretic in this work, tackling or challenging some of the many fly-fishing dogmas. Referencing a previous work, he begins by refuting the dogma that a dry fly must be fished upstream, with an undisturbed drift. He argues that a downstream drift with an upstream twitch or two is more lifelike. His cogent argument allegedly drew a public rebuke from none other than Sparse Grey Hackle.

A few other dogmas addressed include how to fish a wet fly, role of the colorful salmon fly, and rod length. My personal favorite was the piece about Izaak Walton, titled “Izaak Who ?”. Although Walton’s book, “The ┬áComplete Angler“, is the second most read book in the world, he was neither a fly fisher nor an original writer!

Wright is erudite, very witty, and light-hearted in his writings. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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written by Al Simpson, November, 2018.