book review

“Tactical Fly Fishing”, by Devin Olsen

“Tactical Fly Fishing”, by Devin Olsen, is the latest book by a member of the Fly Fishing Team USA. Like previous team members’ books, it details the various methods of Euro Nymphing, or tight-line nymphing. However, this is still a valuable addition to the current fly fishing literature.

The real strength of Olsen’s work lies in the chapters about fishing different features commonly encountered on streams. He ┬ácovers pocketwater, riffles, runs, pools, glides and bankside lies. In each chapter, he explains why he would choose to tight-line or suspension nymph. He then details the pros and cons of each, and how he would fish them. Why, he even acknowledges a role for dry flies!

“Tactical Fly Fishing” is well written and beautifully illustrated. It’s a good read, which I would recommend to any fly fisher wanting to advance their game.

Written by Al Simpson, April, 2019.