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Native Trout Restoration

native trout restoration

I am a life member of Trout Unlimited, and believe in the balance of nature that biodiversity provides. But native trout restoration is an issue that gives me angst. It’s hard to witness the destruction of a healthy fishery with rotenone, in the hopes of restoring a native fishery. I do ponder whether it is […]

Conservation Controversy over Exotics

conservation controversy over exotics

Felts vs Rubber, revisited In March, I discussed the problem of exotics, with a focus on the conservation controversy over the spread of whirling disease. While wading fishermen, and their felt soled boots, were initially blamed for much of the spread of this disease, further study has since found that the major culprits were watershed managers, […]

Conservation Controversy- Felts vs. Rubber

Zebra mussels, lake trout, didymo, northern snakehead, and myxobolus cerebralis- what do these have in common? They are all referred to as “exotic species” or “watershed invasives”. The US Watershed Council defines an invasive as “a non–native species introduced to an aquatic ecosystem that causes environmental and/or economic harm”. Once transplanted into a new environment […]