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The Old-Fashioned Winged Wet Fly

the old-fashioned winged wet fly

I recently saw a blog titled “How to Fish the Old-fashioned Winged Wet Fly”, and it gave me pause. The assumption has always been that until Pulman codified dry fly fishing in 1851 in the “Vade Mecum of Fly Fishing for Trout” (, that fly-fishing was a subsurface affair. But is it possible that the old-fashioned […]

Presentation- Fly Fishing a Hatch

a Bit of History The first description of the concept of presentation appeared in 1676, in “The Universal Angler”, the only edition to combine Izaak Walton’s “The Complete Angler” with two additional works, written by Charles Cotton and Col. Robert Venables, respectively. It was Venables’ who penned the description of presentation, which is as applicable today as […]

Fly Fishing History- the Overlooked Venables

fly fishing history- the overlooked Venables

For any who were hoping that this article would be about a forgotten or overlooked trout stream, a paradise for adventuresome fly fishers, you may be disappointed. The “Overlooked Venables” that I am referring to is Colonel Robert Venables, not a trout stream. He was an English gentleman who authored “The Experienced Angler”, published in […]

Conservation Controversy over Exotics

conservation controversy over exotics

Felts vs Rubber, revisited In March, I discussed the problem of exotics, with a focus on the conservation controversy over the spread of whirling disease. While wading fishermen, and their felt soled boots, were initially blamed for much of the spread of this disease, further study has since found that the major culprits were watershed managers, […]