About the Simpsons’ Fly Fishing Website

I began fly-fishing as a teenager in the early 1960’s, and my son, Matt, began to fly fish with me when he was six or seven years old. As I have become older, not to be confused with old, I felt a desire or need to chronicle some of our experiences and insights gained while fly fishing for trout. This desire culminated in a book, The Ramblings of an Aging Angler, which we published in January 2014, electronically. To our surprise, electronic publishers were not yet able to use either audio or video enhancements within their books. However, they do use hyperlinks to help readers navigate within a book. We have used this technology to navigate outside our book as well, i.e., to our website, which we started to provide instructional video clips to enrich and clarify portions of the book.

Having gone to the effort of establishing our website, we decided to create a noncommercial resource for fly fishers who share our passion for trout fishing. We post monthly articles, consisting of informational pieces, editorial rants, interviews of professional fly fishers, and book and product reviews. We have also built photo and video galleries.

We intend to have some fun with this, and hope that others will find our site both informative and enjoyable as well.

Wishing all a good year of fly fishing,

Al and Matt Simpson, January 2016


Al with a nice New Zealand rainbow trout
Matt Simpson with a Kamchatka rainbow trout.