finding trout
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Book Review: Finding Trout in all Conditions

finding trout

Finding Trout in all Conditions” is a recent publication (2016) by Boots Allen.  In it, he attempts to remove some of the mysticism from nature’s forces, their effects upon streams and fish, and trout in particular.

His major source of information is the 1600 days he has spent fishing for trout. He kept detailed diaries and loaded the collected data into a software package for analysis.

The result is a book loaded with personal observations, thoughts, insights and tips to catching trout in a variety of often adverse conditions. But due to the admitted vagaries of mother nature, it does fall a bit short of rock-solid evidence of the effects of the moon phase, barometric pressure, etc. Nonetheless, it’s an easy read with lots of practical information to digest.

The book isn’t lengthy, and is a good read for almost all trout anglers.

written by Al Simpson, October 2017.

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