Fly Fishing Literature

In addition to writing my own book, “The Ramblings of an Aging Angler”, I am an avid reader of the fly fishing literature. Fortunately, the fly fishing literature offers the largest volume of sporting literature, and provides many hours of pleasant and informative reading. I find it fascinating to explore the older writings, and relive the development of our sport of fly fishing.

In the category “Fly Fishing Literature”, I have included many older books as well as current writings. I hope they will help expand our readers appetite for the history of our sport.


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“Ramblings” is a reflection of the author’s journey from novice to expert fly fisherman. While ultimately it is a “how to” book, most of the information is conveyed through personal stories to which fly fishers will easily relate, as they will have encountered similar dilemmas and searched for solutions while on the stream. It is further enhanced with frequent reference to the robust fly fishing literature, providing additional insights, as the same dilemmas have been faced by fly fishermen for centuries. There are nearly one hundred photographs, and several hyperlinks to short video clips. The target audience is the intermediate fly fisher, looking for a better understanding of trout behavior and their waters in order to improve his/her “game”.


“Ruin”- a Book Review

If you are looking for a good read that intertwines fly fishing with the storyline, then you should consider the ...
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keeper of the stream

“Keeper of the Stream” by Frank Sawyer, a Book Review

Perhaps best known for his later work, "Nymphs and the Trout" (1958), I recently found Sawyer's first book, "Keeper of ...
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the fishing in print- a book review

“The Fishing in Print”, a Book Review

As you may have surmised by now, I really enjoy reading the older fly-fishing literature. If you share this interest, ...
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fishing the dry fly as a living insect

Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect

I think that Leonard Wright Jr. is one of the twentieth century's most overlooked fly fishing authors. Well known to ...
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book review

“Tactical Fly Fishing”- a Book Review

"Tactical Fly Fishing", by Devin Olsen, is the latest book by a member of the Fly Fishing Team USA. Like ...
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nymph fishing for larger trout

“Nymph Fishing for Larger Trout”, a book review

Another of my favorite author’s is Charles E. Brooks. He hales from an earlier era, and wrote several books, two ...
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"Trout", a book review

“Trout”, a book review

Ernest Schwiebert is probably my favorite fly fishing author. He began fly fishing at the age of eight. During his ...
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"Moving Water"

“Moving Water”, a Book Review

In “Moving Water”, Dave Hall, fly fisher, author and artist, combines his talents to reflect upon experiences along his life-long ...
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fly-fishing heresies

“Fly-Fishing Heresies”, a book review

I recently found another book written by one of my favorite fly- fishing authors, Leonard M. Wright, Jr. Its title ...
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the fly

Book Review: “The Fly”

Anyone interested in the history of fly fishing should give "The Fly", by Dr. Andrew Herd, a read. He covers ...
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nymph masters, book review

Book Review: Nymph Masters

Trout spend the majority of their time feeding subsurface, specifically on nymphs. Thus serious trout fishermen strive to become better ...
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finding trout

Book Review: Finding Trout in all Conditions

"Finding Trout in all Conditions" is a recent publication (2016) by Boots Allen.  In it, he attempts to remove some ...
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trout fishing

Book Review- “Lore of Trout Fishing”, by Art Lee

The warm weather and waters in Montana this summer have limited the trout-fishing opportunities recently. So I perused my library ...
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Halford and Skues

Halford and Skues: Two Book Reviews

Halford and Skues- both, legendary fly fishers and authors in a time gone by. Like many fly fishers who angle for ...
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fly fishing book review

Fly Fishing Book Reviews

It's wintertime, a historic blizzard blew through last week, and days fit for fly fishing seem few and far between ...
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fly fishing history- the overlooked Venables

Fly Fishing History- the Overlooked Venables

For any who were hoping that this article would be about a forgotten or overlooked trout stream, a paradise for ...
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