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Mike Fisher

I fished the Moorman’s both Saturday the 11th with a cancer recovery group and yesterday April 14 by myself. Yesterday there was no other fishermen around between noon and 7ish when I called it quits for the day. Lots of fish were to be had both days, mostly on small nymphs. Particularly effective was a size 20 thread midge and a size 16 brown bead head caddis pupa with the latter working best. The bead head was black although I also fished a copper one which worked as well–I am not much for bright, shiny bead heads. There were a few bugs in the air and a couple of fish were rising to them. I never caught a sample bug but a fellow said he had seen tan caddis in a pool above where I was. I reached the point of enough and tried a dry for the few risers, but never got as much as a look. Mid 70s and plenty of fish on a stream by myself makes for a really nice day.