Fly Fishing Gear Reviews

In the category “Fly Fishing Gear Reviews”, I cover generic topics like fly lines, reels, rods, etc. In addition, I provide reviews of products that I have personally used, and find particularly useful.

The Vest vs. the Packs

Call me a traditionalist if you must, but I think that one of Lee Wulff's greatest gifts to anglers is ...
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magnifiers for fly fishers

Magnifiers for Fly Fishers

I'm getting older and the lenses in my eyes are getting stiffer, just like my joints. This ocular affliction is ...
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hydration solved for fly fishers

Hydration Solved for Fly Fishers

Hikers often carry a Camelbak or water bottles to maintain hydration, but why should anglers? We're standing in or floating ...
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virtues of a ten foot fly rod

Virtues of a Ten Foot Fly Rod

Several years ago, I bought my first ten foot rod. I soon discovered that there are many virtues of a ...
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Orvis PRO trout line

Orvis PRO Trout Line

Orvis acquired Scientific Anglers several years ago. Since that acquisition, the Orvis lines have undergone a complete overhaul. The most ...
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Simms Intruder Boot

Product Review: Simms Intruder Boot

If you like to wet-wade, you should check out the new Simms Intruder Boot ( It is designed specifically for ...
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Fly fishing Ennis, Montana

Fly Fishing, Getting Started, Step ll

For this blog, I'll assume that you have or will  read my January blog, "Fly Fishing, Getting Started". Hopefully you ...
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Fly Fishing, Getting Started

Fly Fishing, Getting Started

'Tis the start of a new year! I couldn't think of a more apropos topic than "getting started" into the ...
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fly line

Fly Line Basics

Many, if not most, fly fishers believe that a good cast is most dependent upon the fly rod and the ...
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orvis recon rods

Product Review- Ten Foot Orvis Recon Rods

Earlier this year year,  I had the opportunity to work part-time at the Orvis Flyshop in Charlottesville Virginia. While there, ...
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Orvis Ultra Light wading boots

Orvis Ultra Light Wading Boots

This year, Yellowstone National Park has banned the use of felt soled wading boots. I understand this change. Many fishermen ...
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Orvis Helios 3 fly rod

Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rod- Product Review

I confess at the outset that I am a fly rod junkie. It seems that I am always in the ...
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fly fishing tactics- how long thy rod

Fly Fishing Tactics – Fly Rod Length

Like so many things in life, the ideal fly rod length has evolved not in a straight line, but rather, in ...
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Product Review- Smith Sunglasses

I'm a frugal shopper, always trying to make sure that I get my money's worth. However, over the last several ...
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Animas reel

Product Review- Ross Animas Reel

Animas Reel by Ross Reels Are you looking for a large-arbor reel that doesn't cost a fortune? A reel with ...
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trout net

Product Reviews – Tips for Bargain Hunting

Product Reviews - Tips for Bargain Hunting Fly fishing gear continues to become more and more expensive. Consequently, I am ...
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Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack, front view

Product Reviews- Fly Fishing Equipment

We finally made it back out to Montana, just as the salmon fly hatch was winding down on the Madison ...
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