hydration solved for fly fishers
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Hydration Solved for Fly Fishers

hydration solved for fly fishers
Katadyn water filtration system

Hikers often carry a Camelbak or water bottles to maintain hydration, but why should anglers? We’re standing in or floating on water all day long, so why carry several pounds of water?

Filter straws have been around for awhile, but it’s not always easy to lay down along a stream to use one. So Katadyn has come out with a filter device ideal for fly fishers, the BeFree water filter system.

The BeFree system consists of a microfilter, which filters out 99% of water contaminants, and a bottle. The bottle is made of soft rubber, and is collapsible when empty. It easily fits into fly fishing vest pockets, sling packs, etc. The bottom line is that it is small, light, and is easily carried in any of the vests/packs that fly fishers commonly use.

I like to walk-and-wade fish, and have been using a BeFree filter system for two years. When thirsty, I simply fill the bottle with stream water, screw the filter in place, and have a nice, cool drink. After two years, the filter still works, and the rubber bottle is still soft.

I love this device, as it relieves me from carrying water, and keeps me well hydrated all day long. It costs only $39.95 through Amazon.com.

written by Al Simpson, August, 2020.

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