Orvis PRO trout line
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Orvis PRO Trout Line

Orvis acquired Scientific Anglers several years ago. Since that acquisition, the Orvis lines have undergone a complete overhaul. The most recent line upgrade was recently introduced as the PRO lines. This is a review of the Orvis PRO trout line.

This fall, I cast and fished the smooth Orvis PRO trout line (https://amzn.to/39VlC9V ). It has a 50 foot tapered head, casts with a tight loop, and lands softly. The running line is peach-colored, while the tip is willow-colored, adding to its stealthiness.

Orvis PRO trout line
Orvis PRO trout line

AST plus is embedded into the line rather than applied as a coating. It is gradually released, and maintains the line’s silky smooth texture. After one season, my line still casts smoothly and floats high.

In my hands, it is best matched to medium fast or slower rods. With these more flexible rods, it loads well, and casts easily. With faster-action rods, such as the Helios 3D, it feels light. If using a fast-action rod, I would recommend the PRO POWER TAPER line, which is a half size heavier.

The PRO lines feature loops at both ends, simplifying attachment of both leader and backing. An identifier is imprinted near the tip, which is helpful for those of us with multiple reels and lines. I cannot yet comment on its claim to last longer than previous lines.

In summ, I think the Orvis PRO trout line is an excellent line. The PRO series of lines come in two tapers, the PRO and PRO POWER TAPER, which help  match them to rod-actions. In addition to the smooth lines reviewed here, they also come textured. Their price point at $98 makes them competitive with other high quality lines.

written by Al Simpson, January, 2020.

3 thoughts on “Orvis PRO Trout Line

  1. Very helpful thankyou!

    I do have one specific question though, im getting a 9’6″ 6wt Orvis Clearwater. Is that a fast action rod, should I use the power taper or the trout? I am looking to mostly fish streamers but I want to fish dries and nymphs too so will the power taper lay down lightly enough for that?

    1. the power taper lines do have a more aggressive taper to assist with loading faster action rods. they are great for casting streamers and tandems of flies, especially if using an indicator and shot. not quite as gentle as a trout taper line, but i find them capable of laying down dry flies, especially with a leader of 12 feet or more.

      the clearwater rod you have is a medium fast rod.

      so, considering your rod and the type of fishing you want to do with it, i would favor the power taper line.


  2. What is the comparable SA line to Pro Trout or do you think this is a stand alone line? P.S. Thanks for taking the effort to include rod action in your critique. So many others omit that little gem.

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