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Product Review- Ross Animas Reel

Animas Reel by Ross Reels

Are you looking for a large-arbor reel that doesn’t cost a fortune? A reel with a buttery-smooth drag system that will protect a 6X tippet? Then the new, large-arbor Animas Reel from Ross Reels may be the reel that you are looking for. This reel reminds me of the original Evolution reel that Ross first sold about fifteen years ago. They replaced the Evolution with a lighter model, the Evolution LT, a reel designed for the lighter rods being manufactured today.

Recently, I have begun to fish with ten and eleven foot rods and wanted a large-arbor reel to complement them. Because of their longer lengths they are heavier, and I needed a reel that is a bit heavier than the Evolution LT and the other lighter-weight reels being manufactured today. A bit of research led me to the new Animas Reel.

This is what Ross Reels has to say about its new reel- ” With a custom two-tone type-2 anodized finish, fully machined aluminum alloy construction, liquid-smooth and powerful drag system with low start-up inertia, the ANIMAS offers exceptional performance and value. The drag material is Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon – space-age polymer that is durable, heat resistant, self-lubricating and maintenance free, guaranteed to protect the lightest tippets and stand up to blistering runs. Simple right-to-left hand conversion. The large arbor aids in retrieving all the line that just went through the tip-top. The quick-release single-piece spool is elegantly ported for both aesthetics and weight savings. The handle is fully-anodized machined aluminum with a reverse taper for increased control and excellent grip. Saltwater safe. SPECIFY: Stealth-Black/Moss or Granite/Bronze. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA.

I think this is a high quality, large-arbor reel, modestly priced at $225. Spools sell for $135  . If they hold up like my other Ross reels, it will prove to be a true bargain!

Animas reel

By Al Simpson, June 2016.

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