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Product Review- Ten Foot Orvis Recon Rods

orvis recon rods
Orvis Recon rods

Earlier this year year,  I had the opportunity to work part-time at the Orvis Flyshop in Charlottesville Virginia. While there, I tested their complete line of fly rods. After doing so, I concluded that the Orvis ten foot Recon rods may be the most under-appreciated rods on the market today.

For the past several years, the Yellowstone Angler’s rod review (https://www.yellowstoneangler.com) has ranked the Orvis Recon rod the best buy for the money. Rods that performed marginally better cost nearly twice as much, hence, the “best for the $” designation. But the reviews included only nine foot, 5 wt. rods.

The ten foot Recon rods are an altogether different critter! These rods have a longer, more flexible tip than their shorter cousins. This results in a silky smooth cast, with a wonderful soft touch for casting delicate dry flies. The extra reach also makes these rods ideal for tight-line nymphing.

As is true with all longer length rods, the extra length provides additional power for longer casts. These rods perform well at twenty-five feet, all the way to seventy-five feet. The 5 wt. rod can readily handle streamers as well. Like all ten foot rods, they mend line easily and make roll casting a breeze as well.

Orvis really got it right with these rods. The ten foot Orvis Recon rods are superb fly fishing tools. At $425, they are an absolute bargain. If you haven’t cast one, before putting another rod into your armamentarium, you should give one of them a try.

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Written by Al Simpson, August, 2018.

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