Simms Intruder Boot
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Product Review: Simms Intruder Boot

If you like to wet-wade, you should check out the new Simms Intruder Boot ( It is designed specifically for wet-wading. In years past, I have tried wet-wading sandals, shoes and boots. By far, the Intruder is the best wet-wading footwear I have yet worn!

Simms Intruder Boot
Simms Intruder Boot

It is built with an integrated neoprene sock. This provides comfort, but more importantly, it does not allow gravel or even sand entry into the boot. At first, I found it a bit tricky getting my foot into the boot due to the tight neck of the sock. But after wearing them a few times, it is no longer an issue. Getting them off is easy as well.

The Vibram Megagrip soles provide excellent traction. With metal studs, there is virtually no slippage on any surface. The boots feel like a hiking boot, rather than a clunky wading boot. They are light, and flexible, with good lateral support. After a day of hiking and wading, I don’t experience “leaden feet” on the trek home. The toe box is reinforced with TPU pads. The result is a light boot that fully protects the foot from abrasion.

This is the first footwear I have worn that protects my feet, provides excellent traction, and keeps out the grit when wet-wading. If you like to wet-wade, I highly recommend giving these boots a try!

Al Simpson, August, 2019

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