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the Helios Fly Rods

I work part-time at an Orvis fly shop, and was told that the new Helios fly rods would arrive in early March. It was hard to imagine that they could be much better than the H3 rods, Orvis’s best selling fly rod ever. But Orvis was touting the new Helios fly rods as 10% lighter than the H3’s, 20% more durable (stronger), and 4x more accurate! These comparisons were of course made in the development labs, not on a stream. So I was eager to put the new rods to the test.

I began in our parking lot, casting a half dozen of the new rods. They were impressive. First, I think they are the lightest rods I have ever held. Their swing weight is incredible- I might be able to cast all day without getting a sore shoulder! They have great sensitivity for short casts, and lots of power for longer casts. They lift a lot of line off the water, and cast very accurately. The line shoots in a truly straight line.

My favorite all-around trout rod is a 10′ 4 weight. I think it offers the ability to cast small flies delicately, but the power to cast heavier flies and fight heavy fish. So, I sneaked a 10′ 4 weight rod into our household. About a week later, I had a chance to fish it. It performed with everything I could want, great feel, plenty of power, and spot-on accuracy.

The rod specs include a matte finish, flexible titanium guides, and burled wood inserts in the freshwater rod handles- truly beautiful. But most importantly, I find the new Helios fly rods fun to fish with!

In Summary

So, if you are looking to fill a hole in your fly-rod quiver, I would definitely cast the Helios Fly Rod.

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written by Al Simpson, 4/2024

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